The Kansas City Pacers organization prides itself on the development of young players all the way up to their highest potential. We strive to train players in developing their overall game so they may reach their individual goals. Also how each player can grow as a person and how that impacts the team. 

We will challenge everyone in skills, character, and attitude.  We want each player to know they can accomplish so much more. We don’t focus on winning games. Our focus is on developing players to be the best that they can be and let the winning take care of itself. 

We take the combination of team and individual development to create the highest success. Having an environment that develops relationships and puts the team first creates strong bonds within the team. One player is not greater than the whole. Everyone’s integrity and commitment to work ethic supports the whole. We believe in success from the players over the success of the program. In helping players reach their potential, success will always take care of itself.